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Can I Do the Virtual 5 km? Yes You Can!

This month of June is our Hearts in Motion virtual 5 km. What’s the Virtual 5 km you ask? It’s not your typical fundraiser.

Our Virtual 5 km participants will be required to do a 5 km walk, jog or run. The catch? There is no catch. You can do the 5 km any time you want, any way you like and anywhere you see fit. You can do 2 km one evening (remember, you can run it, walk it or jog it). You can do another 3 km the week after that or save the last 1 km for the last week of June. It’s really that simple.

Our event is for everyone. Did you know 52.2 per cent of women and 46.5 per cent of men were considered physically inactive in 2007? We hope that this event will encourage everyone to become active.

Physical activity has many benefits too essential to ignore. It is a safe and effective strategy for the prevention and management of heart disease and it’s been known to reduce depression. Short stints of just ten minutes at a time can be as effective as 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

While the money raised will be going towards the Foundation’s funding priorities, we hope that you will benefit personally from this event.

Here are ways to get through this 5 km effortlessly.

Dude, where’s my car?

Have you considered parking further away from work? I have used running map to track how many kilometers I walk each day from my office to the parking lot. It turns out, one trip is 0.59 km. If I do this route twice every day, I could do my 5 km in four days.

It’s not just for work: park further away from everything. Your heart will thank you for it.

Get out of the bus

Construction is mounting in the downtown core. If you’re coming from Gatineau, have you considered getting off the bus and walking your way to Centretown? From the intersection of Rideau and Waller to the intersection of Wellington and Metcalfe is 0.83 km. Getting off the bus at an earlier stop can add the extra mileage you may need to do the virtual 5 km. Comfortable shoes are required.

It’s a family affair

Take your kids for a walk around the block every Saturday and/or Sunday in June. We don’t all get the chance to spend some time with our loved ones. A walk around the neighbourhood is a great way to decompress from a busy week. You might even meet some of your neighbours and make new friends along the way.

It’s also a great way to teach our kids to be active. The lack of physical activity is a contributing factor to obesity among children. Beat the trend by getting them active early.

Take the stairs!

Track how much you walk at work and take the stairs…every single day for the month of June. You might not make it to the 5 km, but it’s just another way to add some extra mileage to your route.

If you can’t do the walk alone, here’s what you can do:

1) Make any excuse to take the dog out for a walk. In June, there won’t be any snow (we hope!) that will prevent you from taking a nice leisurely walk with your furry friend.

IMAG0357 (1)

2) Go for a run with your coworkers. Nothing says office bonding like a great run under the sun. Particularly for those who work within large organizations, physical activities are a great way to meet other people in different departments. They can even build better relationships between teams and increase productivity.

At the Heart Institute, we preach by example. Last September, our team in the Prevention and Wellness Centre had a friendly 10 km. Most dressed up while their other coworkers were cheering them on.

So what are you waiting for!? Get moving!

Have You Done Your 5 km run/jog/walk?

Since last Sunday, some participants tied their shoelaces and went for runs/jogs/walks. Some tracked their speed while others enjoyed the scenery.

We can’t stress enough the importance of doing some physical activity. You don’t need to be a trained athlete to get yourself moving. Every part of the body can benefit from almost any increase in physical activity — short stints of just ten minutes at a time can be as effective as 30 minutes of continuous exercise. Our runners/walkers/joggers are doing just that!

Here are some photos from our Virtual 5 km participants.

You can still register to the Virtual 5 km. Register here! It’s never too late to join the fun!