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Royal Oak: Have a Heart Ottawa!

by Royal Oak

Drop by Ottawa’s favourite local pub and donate to a worthy cause.

Since 1980, the Royal Oak has been pouring perfect pints and serving quality pub food to the citizens of Ottawa. During these 35 years, the 12 Royal Oaks have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities. This February, as part of the annual pub’s fund raising program, the Ottawa Heart Institute has been selected as the benefactor.

Between the 1st to the 14th of February, staff at each pub will be selling paper hearts and heart shaped cookies to support the cause. That’s not all! The Royal Oak Pub Group Corporate Office has committed to match 1 for 1 funds raised at the twelve pubs over the 14 day period.

“Our company is excited to assist in raising funds for heart-focused medical research” says Jonathan Hatchell, Royal Oak Pub Group’s CEO. “The Institute’s work touches many people in our community and it needs to have the support from local businesses such as ours.”

Visit Royal Oak, our proud Community Champion this February. Donate at februaryisheartmonth.com