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David’s Story: DMAC Dangler

In 2004, his father died of a heart attack and four years later, his mother lost her battle against breast cancer. In 2009, he would also lose his life: David Macdonald died at the tender age of 21 of bacterial infection at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. The Macdonald’s are survived by his two brothers, Matt and Jon.

“It’s been six years and it’s still very difficult,” says Matt Kassner, his childhood friend. “I met David when we were in grade 1. We played hockey together and watched the Sens games. He was such a big Sens fan, he painted his basement red and had jerseys and Sens flags up everywhere.”

To Jamie Fitzgerald, David was a great teammate and a wonderful friend. “There was something about David that always put you in a good mood when you were with him,” he says. “His smile was infectious.”

“I met David when we were 2 years old,” says Kensy Jones, “what I remember most about Dave, is how he was always willing to go the extra mile to make someone else happy. He didn’t care how much time it took or what the circumstances were, he wanted to treat you like family, because that’s how he saw you. It was a special trait he got from his parents, and they were proud to see it in all of their boys”

David Patterson met David in Grade 7 and he will always remember how David made everyone feel welcomed and at ease.  “I thought he had a unique ability to make everyone around him feel welcome and at ease, that is until I met the rest of his family. I still remember coming home after playing road hockey in front of his house and emphatically asking my parents if we could move to their neighborhood.”

To commemorate his life, Matt, Jamie, Kensy and David, four of David’s good friends started a small campaign in 2010 with the selling of bracelets. The campaign was so successful, they launched a golf tournament two years later called the DMAC Dangler.

The tournament has grown ever since greeting over 150 golfers each year, and raising over $34,000 in support of the Heart Institute.

“We do this tournament for two reasons: To celebrate David’s life and give back,” says Matt. “It’s an amazing and positive day. It’s also a small high school/family reunion as David’s family from out of town, his two brothers and our friends from high school all come out and play.”

They are looking forward to another great day on June 26th at The Manderley Golf Course! Join the fun! You can purchase tickets to The DMAC Dangler Golf Tournament right here! www.dmacdangler.ca

See you on the green!