Maxime Lê Knew He Could Help

We secured 26 treatment carts thanks to you, and two of those carts were purchased through Maxime Lê’s crowdfunding campaign!

Maxime is a second-year university student at the University of Ottawa. If he is not busy with assignments or hanging out with friends, he is with his grandfather, a patient at the Heart Institute. Every Thursday, Maxime drives his grandfather to the Heart Institute for his weekly check-up.

One day as Maxime was waiting in the patient outclinic for his grandfather, he picked up the September issue of our Foundation Connection. In it, we listed a number of the pieces of equipment our doctors and nurses desperately needed before the end of the year.

Maxime looked at the mobile treatment cart and believed he could manage to get two for the Heart Institute. In mid-November, Maxime set up his crowdfunding page and within a matter of days, he had reached his goal!

We want to sincerely thank Maxime for giving with heart and everyone who contributed to his campaign.

Watch his story!

26 mobile treatment carts

Treatment carts are used in all areas of the Heart Institute to house and store the everyday supplies that clinicians need to provide, prompt, safe, and effective patient care.

Read the 2015-2016 Annual Report.

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