Christiane’s Story: Christiane’s Bridal Gives With Heart

Tucked away in a little strip mall in Orleans, Christiane’s Bridal has been making women’s dreams come true with customized wedding dresses and gowns. She also alters suits and pants for her male customers.

“I see all kinds of people,” says Christiane Makanda. “I have quite a lot of male customers too”.

For the past 20 years, she’s been sewing for members of her community in Orleans.

Her latest effort is a small fundraiser for the Ottawa Heart Institute. Christiane will design and sew a red dress for the lucky winner of her special raffle. It doesn’t need to be a wedding dress: it can be anything. More importantly, it is custom-made and tailored to your liking.

Purchase a $20 ticket and the winner will receive a custom-made dress by Christiane’s Bridal. All proceeds will go to the Ottawa Heart Institute.

Why the Ottawa Heart Institute?

“I have high blood pressure. It runs in my family. I’m doing this fundraiser to raise awareness of heart disease among African women. In Africa, we don’t have much knowledge about heart health. It isn’t well understood. We suffer from it without changing our habits.”

She admits that when she learned that she had high blood pressure, she didn’t think much of it. She is now taking her heart health into her own hands.

“I’d like to live a few more years. This is why I am doing this fundraiser. If the Heart Institute can help, I am throwing my support behind their cause”.

Buy your ticket at her store at 2701 St. Joseph Boulevard, in Orleans.

February is Heart Month! Support the Ottawa Heart Institute!

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