A TEE has Already Helped Ryley

Ryley needed a TEE when he was admitted to the Heart Institute last November, but the 21-year-old aspiring filmmaker has needed help since he was born with congenital heart disease.

The first hours of Ryley’s life were spent in the operating room as doctors discovered six defects in his heart. It was discovered that Ryley’s heart chambers were reversed; he had a hole in his heart and an obstruction in his aorta that didn’t allow the blood to flow to his body. He underwent an extensive procedure to correct the obstruction to the aorta.

By age two, Ryley had undergone another procedure to close the hole in his heart, and he also needed a valve replacement. During the procedure, Ryley’s family was faced with more disheartening news: As doctors in Toronto worked on fixing the hole in Ryley’s heart, his aorta ruptured. While the rupture was deemed to be life threatening, luckily, he survived.

Ryley would undergo one closed and two open heart surgeries and finally needed a pacemaker because the electrical impulses in his heart were impaired. However, Ryley never let his complicated medical condition get in the way of his dreams. He made his first movie when he was 12 and since then, he has produced several short movies that he has posted on Youtube.

Once Ryley turned 18, he was transferred to the Heart Institute where he has been followed by advanced practice nurse Joanne Morin. Unfortunately, Ryley’s medical trouble followed as well. A year after his transfer, Ryley had a stroke, and he was immediately treated at the Heart Institute.

Then, last November, doctors at the Heart Institute, who had been continuously following his case, found a lump on his mechanical valve. Fortunately, because of the TEE, they were able to locate the lump. He remained at the Heart Institute a few weeks afterward, requiring an additional intervention.

While Ryley will need further interventions in the near future, for now, the filmmaker is continuing on with his dream. “I don’t want to do anything else but make movies,” he says.

We wish him luck and much success in his endeavours.

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