Prevention and Wellness Heart Institute

A Social Push to Stay Fit

It can be hard to muster the effort to go for a run. As the temperature cools, we might even start making excuses. No cheap gym membership can shake the attraction of plopping ourselves in a comfy chair. Yet, there are cost-effective ways to stay active. Have you considered working out with your friends and/or co-workers? Why not? You see them every day and they may also need an extra push.

At the Heart Institute, we practice what we preach. Last September, on a sunny but windy day, our Prevention and Wellness team ran a 10k around the Experimental Farm on Carling Avenue. The run was part of a friendly-exercise week. To keep things interesting, runners were allowed to run a 5k at their own pace, race for bragging rights and/or wear whatever they liked to keep it fun. Our fastest runner (an avid runner, may we add) did her 5k in 21 minutes!

What are you waiting for? Pair-up or make a team with your co-workers and friends and go workout together.

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